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Rob Rowlands Research provides you with the skills, the support and the confidence to design and complete the research that matters for your business.

The world is a complex place. That raises plenty of questions.

So why aren't you finding the answers you need?

Whatever the question, big or small, I provide you with the support and confidence to find the answers.

The world is a complex place which raises plenty of questions. So why aren't you finding the answers you need? Don't worry, you are not alone. But I can help you find those answers.

Rob Rowlands Research offers a unique, bespoke service tailored to help you identify, commission and do the research you need. From identifying the reasons you are asking your questions to understand the research process and the tools required, I provide coaching, training and support which fits with your needs and helps you find answers which matter most.

Finding the best answers requires a process which starts with the right questions.

Which question shall we start with today?

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Who is Rob Rowlands?

Rob is a highly experienced and well respected researcher and communicator. He is curious by nature and is passionate about sharing the skills of practical research to help others answer their own questions.

Over the last 20 years Rob has been employed in some of the UKs top Universities developing, delivering and managing a wide and varied range of research projects providing clients with useful and effective results. Clients have included the European Union, UK Government, think tanks, voluntary sector organisations, charities and small and large businesses. He has also provided hands on research advice and training to students and staff.

Rob is friendly and down-to-earth offering approachable, informative and  insightful assistance to you so that you can understanding and undertake research that will be beneficial to your business. 

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