How can I Help You?

"Give a team an answer and you help them solve that problem. Teach a team to find the answer and they can solve the problems yet to come."

Finding, understanding and using information and data is essential in everyday life and business. 

With a little help you can ask better questions and find the answers to them so you can solve the problems you face and put new ideas into action.

I offer bespoke research coaching to add value to your business. I provide you and your team with the skills and confidence to continue asking the best questions, finding the right answers and using this insight to improve what you do.

What is Research Coaching?

Research (v)

to discover new information or understand the subject better

Coaching (v)

providing training for people or helping to prepare them for something

Everyone has unique needs and my approach is tailored towards you. I will develop with you the necessary training and support so you can learn and develop the skills to discover and use reliable information.

You can use this in your business to answer pressing questions, develop solutions to problems and develop and improve your products.

Through working together I will equip you with the insights and confidence to continue undertaking research and evaluation, adding value and building capacity within your business for the future.

Help, every step of the way.

What do I need to know to solve my problem?

How and where can I find the information I need?

What are the answers telling me?

How can I use the answers to move forward?

What do I need to know to solve my problem?

How and where can I find the information I need?

What are the answers telling me?

How can I use the answers to move forward?

How can we work together?

I provide a bespoke service designed with you to meet your unique needs. Pick, mix and match from the broad range of services below.

A little bit about me


I’ve always been fascinated by finding new information.

I conducted a survey outside my house at the age of 5.

My retention of "useless" information is the joke of many friends and colleagues.

It is this passion for discovering new information that has provided me with two decades of research experience which I can use to help you.

Because information isn't useless if you know how to find it and how best it can be used.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with a range of clients from Government departments to charities and small businesses.

I have seen (and made) common mistakes in research.

I know how a lack of understanding of basic research skills can make research seem difficult and undermine the value and effectiveness of any results found.

With the right help I know that a lot of businesses can develop the skills and capacity to find better information and realise the solutions and ideas they need to thrive.

With a friendly, open and enthusiastic approach, I am ready and waiting to work with you to find the information you need to strengthen your business.

"If anyone is looking for a bit of challenge for your team on how they ask the right questions and think about data and research, I'd highly recommend Rob."

"Rob is supportive whilst also offering the required challenge, a difficult balance to strike."

"I appreciate Rob's practical, real world approach to finding solutions."

"Rob is a likable fellow with a good sense of humour; attributes that can be particularly useful during some of the less exciting project meetings!"

"Rob fully understands the needs for research to engage with the big picture questions as well as delve into the minutiae of detailed processes"


A regular update in which I provide thoughts and examples of everyday research and problem solving challenges thrown up by the world around us.  

You only need to ask

A problem shared is a step in the right direction towards finding the solution.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you.