"In The Know" is a series of helpful resources which relate the importance of research to real-life situations and provide some straight forward tips to help you put it into action and fill those gaps.


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Don’t be misguided

21 October 2020
Asking for help to find answers can be useful. But how can you keep control of the research others do for you and see the accidental insights they might miss along the way?
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Navigating the flow

14 October 2020
How can you better navigate the daily torrent of information and date, work out what is accurate and how you need to respond? With the covid-19 pandemic as an example we illustrates 3 basic steps.
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Rain or showers? Why definitions matter

23 July 2020
Is it rain or just a shower? Definitions matter because we want to share information we find with others and use to justify decisions we make.
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Looking for feedback

17 June 2020
Feedback is valuable for improving our ideas and finding solutions to problems. How can you orgaise your consultation to provide the best feedback?
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Take a sample

3 June 2020
We can rarely know everything about a big group but in taking a sample we must recognise the limitations as well as the insights.
data literacy
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Behind the Headline

20 May 2020
Behind every headline lies a bigger and more complex story. But the best headlines accurately summarise the bigger picture to tell a convincing story. How can you do that?
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Like a fish needs water

30 April 2020
Sometimes we don’t appreciate the things that are already around us.
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Houston, we solved the problem

23 April 2020
Bringing a stricken spacecraft safely back to earth offers some everyday tips for problem solving.
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Better Answers, Greater Direction

15 April 2020
The questions you ask ,the way you find the answers and what you do with them can make a huge difference. Would research coaching help you be better eqipped to do all three?