How we can help you

Bespoke Training

In-house and specially commissioned training for groups, to address skills and confidence gaps within your organisation and for those you work with.
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Workshop Programme

A series of workshops, live chats and videos to raise awareness of key skills and help you put them into practice to help you be more effective in finding information at work.

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Support & Coaching

Problem-focused coaching and support to help build the skills and confidence needed to find answers and solve problems. One-to-one and in small groups.


When finding consensus and making decisions feels difficult our independent facilitation can pose the probing, challenging questions you need to take the next steps forward.


Effective communication of evidence and answers making a strong argument or business case. We can help you shape your message accurately and effectively.

Research Handyman

There are times when you need an extra pair of experienced hands to help out. Like a good handyman I fit in where the job is too small for others to help you