How are we doing?



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How are we doing?

23 February 2023
“Can Do” means nothing if you can’t say what you have done. So how to set goals and evaluate progress in projects and partnerships.
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Filling the hole in the road

10 January 2023
When faced with a problem or a challenge, a quick fix is often employed. But how can taking a step back and gathering more information provide a more effective and sustainable outcome?
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The Tools of Engagement

12 July 2021
A story about a school, a survey and how simplicity can help secure more effective feedback.
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Evaluating Delivery

30 June 2021
What a pair of feet does and doesn’t tell you when measuring the success of a parcel delivery.
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Measured Opinion

3 May 2021
How do you use the opinions of others to make decisions effectively? In this blog we use scales, coffee shops and the size of hotel bathrooms to find out.
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Dealing with feedback

31 March 2021
A slap in the face can hurt but is the best way to fight back to punch the provider in return?
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Reflecting to change

23 March 2021
How reflecting on challenges can help us ask different questions and lead to positive actions.
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Survey and Engage

18 January 2021
How can you use simple surveys to get more effective feedback and engage more constructively with your customers and clients.
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Quicker Insights

14 December 2020
Waiting for the right time to find answers usually means you find few. We live in an imperfect world. So how can you work with that and get the information you need to make progress?
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Why definitions matter

23 July 2020
Is it rain or just a shower? Definitions matter because we want to share information we find with others and use to justify decisions we make.