Meet Rob


BSc (Hons) City & Regional Planning (Cardiff); MSc in Housing (Cardiff); PhD in Urban Geography (Birmingham)

Past clients:

  • European Union
  • UK Government
  • West Midlands Regional Government; East Midlands Regional Government
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Shelter

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Dr Rob is a well respected researcher with over 20 years of helping organisatons find the answers they need to make their difference. 

He trained in planning and housing and has a PhD in Urban Geography. Rob has worked at some of the UKs top Universities responding to, developing and managing research.

Previous clients have included national and international governments, local and regional councils, private compaines, social businesses and charities. 

He has also played a key role in teaching and developing research skills and critical thinking amonsgt those he works with.

Rob is friendly, open and honest. His passion is helping others to be more curious, to ask different questions and to help them find and use the answers they need to make an positive difference.


Rob Rowlands Research was established to offer something different.

I know you cannot always ask others to find answers for you. I also know that you don't always need to either. Nor do you need to sit there feeling lost when you do it yourself.

There is another way and I can fill that gap.

Complex problems don't need complicated solutions. I make research simple.

I provide training, advice and support to help you all the way. I enable you to ask different questions, find better answers so that you can make the effective difference you want to see.

My services are designed with you to meet your needs. From survey design and management to evaluation and feedback, we can help you do it yourself or find the most appropriate help to get it done for you.

In working with you I add value to your business and leave you with more than just an invoice.

My Aim