Threads of Data

"In The Know" is a series of helpful resources which relate the importance of research to real-life situations and provide some straight forward tips to help you put it into action and fill those gaps.

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Threads of Data

18 July 2023
Data is increasingly cheap and easy to collate. But what will you actually use it for? From the privacy of apps to application forms, find out why and how purpose is critical.
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Getting smart with data

28 February 2023
We live in a world of smart devices designed help us do things more effectively and efficiently. But what else do we need to know to ensure we really do feel those benefits. Can Smart meters save us money and what more do we need to know to realise this outcome?
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How are we doing?

23 February 2023
“Can Do” means nothing if you can’t say what you have done. So how to set goals and evaluate progress in projects and partnerships.
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Measuring by Proxy

25 January 2023
There are many times when one measure stands in for another in making sense of the world. So what exactly is a proxy measure and how can you use one?
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Filling the hole in the road

10 January 2023
When faced with a problem or a challenge, a quick fix is often employed. But how can taking a step back and gathering more information provide a more effective and sustainable outcome?
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Really timely data

29 November 2022
Real time data is a resource that offers so much, from immediate insight through befuddlement to occasional apocalyptic horror. How can you utilise it most effectively?
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Start where you are

24 November 2022
When budgets are tight but the problems aren’t going away, how can you find answers for yourself and use the help of others more effectively?
asking questions
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A Quick Guide to Political Polls

19 October 2022
Political polls can make for interesting and often exciting reading. But can we use them to know who will win the next election?
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Is “nul points” really that bad?

18 May 2022
Does receiving zero points really mean an option is so bad and what benefits can constrain choice bring.
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19 October 2021
Why a “one in whatever” distribution of cases isn’t as straightforward as it might look and what this means for our reaction
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The Tools of Engagement

12 July 2021
A story about a school, a survey and how simplicity can help secure more effective feedback.
Feedback & Engagement
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Evaluating Delivery

30 June 2021
What a pair of feet does and doesn’t tell you when measuring the success of a parcel delivery.