"I want to find out what my customers think of us, what survey can I use?"

The Research Clinic

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Finding answers isn't always easy. What questions should you ask? What data do you need? Where will you find that data and how will you gather it? Often you need some help to get you on your way and a hand to hold as you do it.

This is where the Research Clinic can help.

The research clinic provides you with convenient, accessible and friendly support so that you can find the answers you need in your business.

Working together I enable you to put practical steps in place to find the answers you need and leave you with skills and confidence to build on for the future.

No day rates. No fixed contracts. Just pay as you go. You only need to buy the time that you need making help affordable, accessible and convenient.

Whether it is designing a survey, working out how to evaluate what you are doing or making sense of the data you already collect, an appointment at the Research Clinic can help you find more effective answers using the resources you have.

Book a consultation today and begin your journey to finding and using more effective answers.

Why use the Research Clinic?

Expert Support & Advice

Access to Rob's extensive practical research experience.

Convenient and Accessible

Book an online appointment and pay for what you need.

Tailored to your needs

Discuss your needs and receive advice and support to address that challenge.